Women in fishing communities

Urgent Action Fund

In Lebanon we are experiencing irregular weather events more frequently and intensely each year, and coastal towns are hit especially hard. Fisherfolk, especially those who live in small houses by the sea, are the most vulnerable and most neglected population. The women in these communities are even more vulnerable than the rest because they perform duties that ensure the survival of their families, under the heat and under the rain. And they can still barely make ends meet.

Soft Components

Hygiene and food safety

Management and marketing skills / bookkeeping

Conflict resolution

Hard Components

Storage units

Equipment for making the food products

Labeling scheme / branding

By giving them capacity building workshops to provide them with the skills they need to scale up the production and create new items, they would be masters of their own projects, and DOTO team will be there to support on any component of the project. With the economic crisis in Lebanon, giving women the chance to play a major role in providing income for their families can prove the difference between decent life and starvation.

Diaries of Fisherwomen

Check out the adventures of your fellow sea women.

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