School Projects for Waste Management

Diaries of the Ocean believes in the power of education at a young age to help spread awareness about marine life and conservation. We organize visits to schools where we complete projects with the students.

Lycée Libano-Allemand

In February 2019, we visited the Lycée Libano-Allemand in Junieh, where we educated kindergarten students (3-5 yrs) and marine life in Lebanon, and how they can protect this ecosystem by decreasing waste.

We donated a sea turtle skeleton for them to fill with plastic and paper waste. They presented the completed project to their parents on the last school day of the year.

We also donated a seal skeleton to the Lycée, which the students filled with their plastic art.

International College (IC)

In March, we visited International College in March 2019, where we spoke to highschool students about the marine life and conservation, and built the skeleton of a monk seal to fill with waste.

Building a seal skeleton @ IC